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The Brief


College wide steering committee made up of staff, faculty and students charged with: Making campus operations more sustainable Creating a culture of sustainability Tracking progress Communicating results to Humber community and beyond

Marketing Objective

To increase awareness from 1% to 10% To create a consistent look and feel for Sustainability at Humber To create a lasting impression To establish an online presence : Launch a new web site Increase efficiency in cost and time by introducing a new on-line web presence for information Include 2 way communication via this site (ideally)

The Challenges

Getting the message out Getting people interested Raising the social responsibility profile of Humber


Staff Age 25 – 65 Broad range of education and technology experience Commuters


Our Competition: Time (people have other priorities, commitments) Cost Convenience Confusion

Communication Objectives

The feeling that should come across should be “green”, Cutting edge, Impressive Committed


Native iPad support coming soon!
Design refresh also coming soon!

Live. Learn. Grow.

Live. Learn. Grow.
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