Kootenay King Fisher

With decades of experience, Kootenay Kingfisher provides fishing charters out of Ucluelet, British Columbia. The site was created to facilitate their shift from fishing on Kootenay lake to Ucluelet and added an interactive online booking system.

EH Farms

Being the first in Canada to import Red Mangalitsa pigs, EH farms wanted to convey it was a family farm and highlight the uniqueness of the breed, its quality and benefits.

Dealing With Dogs

Since 1989, Dealing with Dogs is committed to help puppy owners achieve a happy, harmonious relationship with their dogs. The site was re-designed to include an online class booking system that allows puppy owners to easily register into classes.


NeoMallers offers game players a central hub to connect with others and access an array of statistical tools relating to “shopkeeping” on NeoPets.com. Originally intended as a personal tool, NeoMallers was launched to the public in 2007 and has since established a vibrant community of millions of visitors.