About Us

Boss Completions is a Canadian company that develops and sources downhole oil tools. The company’s product portfolio includes completion equipment, open hole tools, bridge plugs, and various service tools.

Our mission is to develop on a long-term basis its activities and to extend services by respecting all positive codes of profession and business ethics, to meet demands of the Oilfield Market, to strengthen the existing position on foreign markets, to win new markets, to attain the highest level of quality recognized worldwide, efficiency, and at the same time to apply the highest standards of service, quality control and occupational and environmental protection.

About the Company

Our Projects

Currently working in Canada, Europe and South America, Boss Completions has over 20 years of experience working with downhole tools. We are dedicated to serving the oil and gas industry, and focus on innovative products and services that allow us to drive unparalleled value for our customers. With a clear corporate vision, a well-defined mission, and uncompromising values, Boss Completions is committed to being a worldwide supplier of choice.