Happy Healthy Sexy Wealthy centres on health and wellness and offers one-on-one or group health coaching. HHSW also promotes health and wellness products for weight loss, performance, energy and anti-aging.

Given these goals, their new website needed to portray who they are and what they do. They are not just some “half-baked” MLM website. HHSW is about meeting on your terms and having a health and life coach assisting every step of the way.

Key Features

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There’s a lot to say here but we didn’t want their key offerings to get buried and lost. With subtle load-in animations, the services menu quickly grabs attention and its visual approach immediately gives the visitor a quick bird’s eye view of what they do.

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Their current shopping cart implementation presented a challenge as it was hosted on Isagenix’s website. Going back and forth between websites with radically different designs can interfere with what could be a seamless browsing experience.

Instead, we selected a few of the most relevant products and showcased them directly on the site. Visitors would only be redirected to the other partner website if they decided to purchase the product.