West Side Finishing Ltd is a custom kitchen and cabinetry company that works one-on-one with builders, contractors, and homeowners. The company design and builds various storage solutions and display pieces. If you can make it from wood, chances are, they’ve got your back!

Their brand is built around quality, reliability, honesty and integrity. Since they work frequently with local contractors, builders, and homeowners, they needed a website that would showcase their extensive range of projects.

Key Features

Before and After

Portfolios are great. They let you see past projects for inspiration and even gauge the style of design. But what if you wanted to see how it was before? Now you can! The interactive before and after slider lets you see exactly what was done.

Inspiration + Services

What do you do if you needed to showcase a lot of services? With pictures. A table? That might work but could also get a little boring. What if the visitor did not exactly know what they wanted at the time and needed some inspiration?

Here, we took this a step further and not only showcased what Westside could do, we linked it directly to their respective portfolio pages for a convenient inspiration session!