A website is more than
just a front door to your

With the recent explosion of connected
devices from the usual suspects to
an array of mobile gadgets, there has
never been a better time to ensure your
business makes its best first impression –
across all of them!

To top it off, editing your new website has
never been easier!
If you know how to
use Microsoft Word, you already know
how to edit like a pro!

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We are currently updating our site to better reflect the services we offer.

// A website for all of us.

Based in Toronto, Canada, our mission is to provide businesses like yours with not only a seamless website experience that looks great from every device but also give you the tools to make editing your website as easy as Microsoft Word. We know you’re busy – you shouldn’t have to spend time memorizing and writing vast amounts of code just to make a quick change.

Gone are the days of needing to <p style=”font-size:14px; color:#f7921d; font-weight:bold; font-style:italic;”> write like this! </p>

However, if you’d like a quick help, that is just an email away as well.


// Our Services

In addition to complete websites, we offer a variety of affordable solutions to ensure your business and its online presence reaches its potential. No job is too small and there are no obligations and contracts. We strive on transparency and you will be kept in the loop at every step of the project.

section image for website landing pages

Need a banner or a landing page design (minisite) for your current website to promote a specific event, product or service? Our team can help you engage more visitors and also equip you with the tools to measure campaign success.

section image for misc web development

From fixing website issues to optimizing your website for faster load times, we can help make sure your website is performing its best and maximize your SEO score (search engine rankings). If you want to bring your website to Shopify or WordPress, we can do that too.

section image for graphic design service

Things change, and they change again. We can help keep your branding up to date.

section image for hosted domain emails

Get your own professional email address at your business and build customer trust. You can also leverage useful aliases that help organizing incoming email from popular sources such as bookings@, info@, and orders@yourcompany.com

// À la carte After Services

Just because a website project is done does not mean it has to end there. Just like your computers and smartphones, the online world is constantly changing and require frequent updates to maintain security and performance. Sometimes, these updates can cause certain features to break, which can lead to lost sales, and a big headache when your website is down.

With no consultation fees, minimum job size or monthly charges, we give you the flexibility to add features, make changes, and fix issues – all without needing to call your mortgage company. In fact, if it’s a really quick fix, there will be no bill.

It’s like having a dedicated web developer on your team!

// Past Projects

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