Currently working in Canada, Europe, and South America, Boss Completions is a Canadian company that develops and sources downhole oil tools. With over 20 years experience, BC is dedicated to serving the oil and gas industry. Its focus on innovative products and services drive unparalleled value for their clients.

The new website primarily focused on getting potential clients to reach out to them for more information. As it was not feasible to have all of their content displayed on a page, the challenge was to have just enough information that potential clients are aware of who they are, but also be inclined to reach out for more information.

Key Features

Drilling down to the essentials

The website is all primarily getting contacts. We made sure all contact points were prominent throughout the site by keeping content clear and structured.

Slide Conventional tools With an extensive selection of convention
down hole tools, from Bridge Plugs, ECP’s
to Liner Top Packers we support both
drilling and completion operations of
well construction programs.
Open Hole Tools Open hole completions and stimulations
have seen significant uptake in recent
years,and there are many configurations.
Popular in horizontal wells, our tools offer
customers with effective isolation for their
required needs.
Thermal tools Geothermal, Steam and SAGD operations
require proven High Temperature downhole
tools to ensure effective isolation and
injection performance which are designed
to optimize well performance while
maintaining cost efficiencies
Swellable Tools Providing zonal isolation, our Swellable
systems are fully customizable which
enables fit for purpose design and
operations flexibility, including water,
oil, hybrid and thermal compounds.
What makes us unique

Silky-smooth animated map

BOSS operates from many different locations and we wanted to ensure that message got across using a silky-smooth animated map!