District Studios Inc. is a beauty and wellness collective that provides over 20 solo practitioners the tools, amenities and support they need to grow their businesses. With focus on being more than just space to its members, It provides business owners a sense of community and the opportunity to grow past their limits alone. In turn, it has become a one stop shop for all beauty and wellness needs.

Thus, the goals of their new website became two-fold: Not only did it need to reach out to prospective business owners, it also needed to act as a window for customers looking for beauty and wellness services.


Key Features

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The design of the facility is set in a minimalistic modern style that is bathed in natural light. We wanted to bring this look and feel right to their web presence as well.

The website features a clean, easy to navigate home page with all the essentials – from showcasing the flagship 4 minute skin analysis at the beauty bar to booking an appointment online right from the comfort of your home!

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On the surface, the directory featuring each of their member business owners offers visitors an easy-to-use interface to quickly find what they’re looking for. Underneath all of this however, is a set of powerful features that make the experience seamless and versatile.

Each member is added to the database and tagged according to the services they provide. Visitors can use this to search by the service and return businesses that offer it. Of course, they can also search by name and even add in their location to sort by distance.